Fire Alarms

BMG Electrical Contracting can offer both conventional and addressable systems.

Conventional fire alarm systems:

 This is the usual choice for very small systems or where budget constraints apply. Conventional systems have been around for many years, and are a well-proven, dependable technology.

All the intelligence resides within the control panel. Detectors and break glass units are connected together on a single run of cable for each zone or area. When the panel detects a resistance change, through activation of a detector or call point, a zone latches into fire and the sounders or bells are triggered.

Analogue addressable fire alarm systems: 

These are advanced, flexible, reliable detection systems. Exact fire location is determined immediately as each individual detector has a unique address to show its exact position. False alarms are reduced, and real alarms detected sooner by advanced filtering techniques on individual detectors. Zoning is done on a software level and therefore is independent of cable paths.


C-Tec Fire Alarm Panels